A wellknown Nordic signature

Broste Copenhagen is more than just interior design. 
It is a way of life that we are eager to share with the world around us. Therefore, we create our products to reach a wide range of customers, not just a few. Broste Copenhagen is one of Scandinavia’s leading interior brands, based in Copenhagen and originates back to 1955.

Sinds 1 februari 2009 is Rustik Lys de officiële Nederlandse distributeur/agent van het Deense interieurmerk Broste Copenhagen. Met de natuur als inspiratiebron en een voorliefde voor Scandinavische tradities creëert Broste sinds 1955 ‘The nordic way of life’; rauw, puur, elegant en tijdloos maar altijd met oog voor de laatste trends op interieurgebied.

De tweejaarlijkse collecties worden altijd gemaakt met respect voor mens en natuur en kennen een hoge kwaliteitsstandaard. Als distributeur voeren wij een groot gedeelte van de Broste Copenhagen collectie uit voorraad. Wel zijn alle items uit de catalogus bij ons te bestellen. Geïnteresseerd in het inkopen van Broste Copenhagen? Bekijk hieronder alle mogelijkheden.

Memories of summer

Sometimes magic occurs in the blink of an eye. When
you least expect it. Seemingly out of nothing. When you are occupied with all the practicalities of life, and do not anticipate the interruption.

Then, suddenly, a barely traceable whiff of perfume instantly takes you back to your childhood and reminds you of motherly love, sunscreen and sand dunes.

A comforting sensation of familiarity hits you when you see a smile on someone’s face and recognize it, or when the taste of sweet summer berries instantly brings you back to the kitchen of your grandparents.

Lazy, sunlit afternoons in your childhood home suddenly come to mind when you let your fingers follow the rough cracks of a time-worn wall, or you get an instant inclination to hum a long-forgotten tune when tuning into your favourite station on the car radio, barely catching the first few chords.

Often, the strongest memories are awakened by sensory experiences – a smell, a sound, a colour or a taste – that will instantly take us back in time, and make us long for times that have passed, or make us unexpectedly aware of the present and of how to make the most of the moment. The Broste Copenhagen Spring Summer 2020 collection is a homage to those happy summer memories that shape us and never cease to make us love and laugh, even long after they have passed.

We take our Social Responsibility

Assuming a social responsibility is not about adapting to customer demands, riding a passing green wave, or embellishing yourself with fashionable labels. It is about decency.

At Broste Copenhagen we want to be an active part of the society in which we live and act – as individuals, as citizens, and as a business, both now and in the future. That is why our CSR policies are an important aspect of the way we think and act in any connection.

We are proud of being able to apply the Nordic Ecolabel, which for the past 25 years has made it easier for consumers and businesses to choose the most environmentally sound products and services. A number of our textiles are certified in accordance with the international GOTS scheme, which ensures that there are no harmful chemicals in our textiles – to the benefit of both the environment and consumer health.

And not least we run our business in accordance with UN’s ten Global Compact principles that safeguard workers’ rights and environmental considerations, and function as a defence against corruption.

The labels are our customers’ guarantee that we keep out promises, so that they may choose products that do not damage people, society, and environment – we want our customers to feel safe in their choices.

That is reliability.

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